New year – new goals. What are your new year property resolutions?

Happy new year! How are your new year’s resolutions looking so far? Have you taken the first step to achieving your goals during the first few days of 2020? Maybe we can help! Of course, we probably can’t motivate you to lose weight or exercise more, but as your mortgage broker, we can help you [...]

Why debt consolidation could help you get over your Christmas spending hangover

Well, Christmas and the silly season is over for another year. We hope you enjoyed quality time with family and friends, even though it has also been a costly time. We imagine you spent a lot on presents, food and then the summer holidays on top. Before you know it, your Christmas spending spirit has [...]

Looking for an investment apartment? Tips for finding the right one

Are you looking to get into the property investment scene? Purchasing an investment apartment is often a great place to start. Apartments are traditionally cheaper than houses, and depending on where you look, there are usually more of them to choose from! But first, let’s look at why good things come in small packages when [...]