Port Stephens


Welcome to Port Stephens, a picturesque region located along the New South Wales coastline. With its stunning beaches, vibrant communities, and diverse economy, Port Stephens offers a wonderful lifestyle for its residents and visitors alike.

At In Financial Services, we take pride in being your trusted mortgage broker serving clients in the vibrant Port Stephens area. Our deep understanding of the real estate market and economic dynamics allows us to provide personalized and knowledgeable mortgage solutions tailored to meet your unique needs.

Facts and statistics:

  • Population: Port Stephens is home to approximately 71,000 residents, contributing to its lively and inclusive community.
  • Employment Opportunities: The region supports over 20,000 jobs across various sectors, including tourism, marine industries, retail, healthcare, and education.
  • Economic Contribution: Port Stephens boasts an annual economic output of around $4.2 billion, reflecting its significant impact on the regional economy.


  • Resident Profile: Port Stephens’ population includes families, professionals, retirees, and tourists, creating a diverse and welcoming community.
  • Job Opportunities: With a range of industries, Port Stephens offers diverse employment opportunities and economic growth.
  • Community Spirit: The region fosters a strong sense of community spirit, supported by various amenities, cultural activities, and natural attractions.

Future plans:

Port Stephens’ future plans focus on sustainable development, economic diversification, and enhancing infrastructure to support continued growth and prosperity for residents and businesses.

Learn more about Port Stephens’ future plans here.

How we can help: 

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, an investor, or looking to refinance in Port Stephens, we’re here to guide you through your financial journey with tailored solutions that suit your needs and circumstances.

Areas we cover:

  • Anna Bay
  • Balickera
  • Boat Harbour
  • Bobs Farm
  • Brandy Hill
  • Butterwick
  • Campvale
  • Corlette
  • Duns Creek
  • Eagleton
  • East Seaham
  • Fern Bay
  • Ferodale
  • Fingal Bay
  • Fishermans Bay
  • Fullerton Cove
  • Glen Oak
  • Heatherbrae
  • Hinton
  • Karuah
  • Kings Hill
  • Lemon Tree Passage
  • Mallabula
  • Medowie
  • Nelson Bay
  • Nelsons Plains
  • One Mile
  • Osterley
  • Oyster Cove
  • Raymond Terrace
  • Salamander Bay
  • Salt Ash
  • Seaham
  • Shoal Bay
  • Soldiers Point
  • Swan Bay
  • Tanilba Bay
  • Taylors Beach
  • Tomago
  • Twelve Mile Creek
  • Wallalong
  • Williamtown
  • Woodville
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