Buy1Give1 Initiative

In Financial Services contributes regularly to deserving causes through our partnership with the global Buy1Give1 initiative.  Some of these causes span across the globe, while others are closer to home within Australia. You can look at what we’re supporting in 2017 below.


In the month of July we are supporting MicroLoan Foundation Australia, which helps women business owners in Malawi to successfully operate their business by organising courses to teach bookkeeping skills. This program aims to provide women who are establishing their own business with relevant financial literacy skills to record transactions, enabling them to support their families.


In the month of August we are supporting Australian organisation  Edgar’s Mission; who provide rescued farm animals with vital shelter from the elements. Farm animals must have protection during the chilly winter months, respite from the sun’s unrelenting rays, and security from predators. Many of the animals who benefit from this cause have either come from intensive confinement or have been exposed to the harsh elements, and by supporting them we are enabling them to live in safety.


In the month of September we are supporting Gram Vikas, which literally means ‘village development’. Gram Vikas provides clean drinking water to families in India by installing water taps in village houses. Clean drinking water is a basic necessity for survival, but is often found scarce in rural areas, resulting in the incidence of waterborne diseases such as cholera. A water tap will help to meet drinking water needs by only accessing a water source that has filtered out microorganisms and other alien agents, ensuring the safety of those drinking from it.


In the month of October we are supporting Australian organisation Edgar’s Mission; which gives rescued Australian animals life-saving medical care. The organisation operates off the essential understanding that every animal has a rich life worth living. Supporting this Australian organisation enables the provision of the most basic and imperative health care to rescued farm animals.


In the month of November we are supporting the Katja Foundation. This organisation works to provide street children in Kathmandu with a roof over their heads. The funds we donate will help address this problem by covering costs of accommodating children at Katja House. The provision of a proper shelter will help to protect the orphans and underprivileged children of Nepal from the harsh weather conditions and external danger, as well as giving them a secure and settled home.


In the month of December we are supporting So They Can, which provides healthy and nourishing meals for orphaned children at The Children’s Home Orphanage in Kenya. Providing these necessities makes a huge difference in the lives of many children who have lost everything.