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Community Spirit

Community Involvement

In Financial Services’ goal is to provide a pathway to a higher quality and more independent lifestyle. We do this by providing a service that helps clients reach their financial goals, but there are other things that we do as well.

Not all of us have the same opportunities in life and sometimes people need a helping hand.


In 2010, Janine got together with John Lechner from Mai-Wel and pitched him the idea of a charity indoor sports day. From that meeting Play-Wel for Mai-Wel was born and the annual corporate sports day has gone from strength to strength, raising over $125,000 to date. It is a great day of fun bringing different businesses together with the aim of raising funds for a local charity.

Trivia Nights

Our Trivia Night has been another successful fundraiser with previous years’ proceeds going to Hunter Prelude and The Harry Meyn Foundation. It is functions like this that make you proud of your community when venues and tables and chairs are offered to you free of charge because you are trying to raise money for others.

Sponsorships and Donations

Over the last ten years Janine has sponsored and donated to East Maitland Junior Rugby League, East Maitland Netball Association, Maitland Rugby Union, Carries Place, Maitland Hospital’s Children’s Ward and The Starlight Foundation.  The money raised for The Starlight Foundation was significant enough that we actually had a wish received in Maitland!

BNI- Business Networking International

When we started the BNI chapter in Maitland, we did a lot of research and carefully selected a core group of businesses to not only build the chapter but also mentor other business owners who had not yet built their business to where they want it to be. Ten years on, this has worked well with the chapter having over 40 members and referring over $3.6 million per annum between the businesses.  The motto of BNI is “Givers Gain” and this is something our staff embrace whole heartedly.

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